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SD6830 power chip built-in high-voltage power open current mode PWM + PFM control chip

In order to improve the performance of the off-line switching power supply, a design method of a high-efficiency, low-power off-line switching power supply controller chip is proposed. The SD6830 controller of SIMicroelectronics is based on the pulse width modulation (PWM) mode and Pulse gap modulation (PSM) mode design.
SD6830 Product Description: SD6830 is a highly integrated current mode PWM + PFM control chip, built-in oscillator, built-in high-pressure pipe and down-frequency function, IC has a complete self-recovery protection function, the power supply controller works in a typical flyback In the topology circuit, the concise AC/DC power converter provides 12W continuous output power over a wide voltage range of 85V-265V.
SD6830 Features: Built-in Oscillator Built-in 700V High Voltage Power Switch Fast High Voltage Start Low Startup Current and Low Operating Current Green Frequency Down Function, Low Standby Power Full Auto-Recovery Protection Function: Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Short Circuit, Overload and Over Temperature Accurate temperature compensation protection, precise cycle-by-cycle current control wide voltage output power 12W, peak output 15W high voltage output power 15W, peak output 18W less external components, low overall cost.
The emergence of the SD6830 makes the design of off-line switching power supplies simpler and is widely used in such fields as power adapters, power chargers, portable charging power supplies, home appliance controller power supplies DVD/DVB power supplies, ATX standby power supplies and more!





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