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Differences in software support between NAND flash and NOR flash

The disadvantage of NAND flash is that it has a slower read speed, and it has only 8 I/O ports, which is much less than NOR. The eight I/O ports in this area can only transfer data in the form of signals, which is much slower than the parallel transmission mode of NOR flash. In addition, the logic of the NAND flash memory is an electronic disk module structure, and there is no special storage controller inside. Once the data bad block appears, the reliability cannot be repaired, and the reliability is worse than that of the NOR flash memory.
When discussing software support, you should distinguish between basic read/write/erase operations and a higher level of software for disk emulation and flash management algorithms, including performance optimization.
No software support is required to run code on a NOR device. When doing the same on a NAND device, a driver, usually a memory technology driver (MTD), is used for NAND and NOR devices during write and erase operations. Both need MTD.
There are relatively few MTDs required to use NOR devices, and many vendors offer more advanced software for NOR devices, including M-System's TrueFFS driver, which is powered by Wind River System, Microsoft, QNX Software System, Symbian. Used by vendors such as Intel.
The driver is also used for emulation of DiskOnChip products and management of NAND flash, including error correction, bad block processing and wear leveling.
NAND flash memory is widely used in emerging digital devices such as mobile storage, digital cameras, MP3 players, and handheld computers. Driven by the strong development of digital devices, NAND flash memory has been exponentially super-fast growth, and NAND is expected to surpass NOR in the near future as the leading technology of flash memory technology.





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