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Share a module with vibration and displacement detection MRT303G01

It's easy to find it on the Internet. The MRT303G01 is supposed to be a new product that the manufacturer has just launched. Look at this module and integrate the digital vibration displacement detection detector. I guess it should be a G-Sensor and an 8-bit or 32-bit MCU, mainly this module can set the sensitivity of the movement and displacement through the computer, the function is quite powerful, here I share the information I just found

Here is a picture that looks good

MRT303G01 is a general-purpose module integrating vibration and displacement detection. It is mainly used in security, industrial control and other related industries. With features such as low power consumption and wide input voltage support, the module integrates pure digital sensors and high-performance MCUs. The anti-interference performance is far greater than that of ordinary analog vibration sensors. The modules are highly integrated and open-customized. Extremely simple external components can work, and with special software, the parameters of the module can be adjusted to achieve the best vibration and displacement detection results.
1, the input voltage 4V to 18V;
2, pure digital sensor, good anti-interference, stable;
3, internal integration of high-performance MCU;
4, up to 5mS sampling rate;
5, vibration, displacement, alarm time, etc. can be configured through software;
6, I / O port input and output over-current protection;
7, highly integrated design, the external circuit is extremely simple;
Click to download the specification:





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