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    Microscopy Inspection



    Authenticate and validate the structure of components¡¯ surface, Package and leads.



    The Threats:  


    1. Physical damage. High magnification is crucial to ensure there is no physical damage to the components¡¯ package and leads. Physical damage, if found, may be caused due to improper handling and storing of the devices, and could lead to malfunction during soldering and operating. Specifically, existence of cracks and scratches on the package, corrosion and oxidization of the package and leads, bent leads or damaged BGA spheres ¨C must be found, documented and require progressive tests and assessments prior accepting or rejecting the lot.
    1. Refurbished parts may not work at all, or worse, partially work for limited time or limited functions. The original P/N and Date Codes could be different from what appears on the parts¡¯ marking. It could be an OLDER device, REDUCED functionality device, or completely DIFFERENT P/N and manufacturer.
    1. Prior Use. Used parts may also not work at all, or partially work with unexpected functionality and MTBF. While being removed from the PCB, the components are exposed to extreme heat and humidity, burn in a direct fire and then placed in water, and as a result, severely and permanently damaged.


    The Leads or BGA balls may be damaged as well, or being manipulated or replaced.

    Overall, used components are not expected to function according to the original characteristics and failure statistics.





                Microscopy Inspection at GreenTree Electronics


    Electrical Measurement





    Measure electrical parameters and compare to manufacturer¡¯s specifications.               






    Tests are performed on random sample according to Squeglia (Zero-Based Acceptance Sampling Plan)


    Passive electronic components: measure the Impedance, Capacitance or Inductance of a Resistor, Capacitor or Inductor (Coil), respectively.


    The random samples are measured and the parameters are being documented and compared to the values range as specified in the datasheet. All measured parameters must be within permitted range.



            Electrical Measurement testing at GreenTree Electronics

    Marking Permanency




    Authenticate the chip top surface and marking.


    Refurbished electronic components usually have been sanded to remove the original marking, and then blacktopped - covered with a black material to hide the evidence of Sanding.


    Finally, parts are remarked with a fake MFG logo and new marking including P/N and D/C, different from original.


    By using Chemicals and Scrape correctly, evidence of blacktopping material, Sanding marks, and fake marking can be found.




    The Threats: 


    1. Refurbished parts may not work at all, or worse, partially work for limited time or limited functions.
    2. The real D/C is different from the D/C appears on the parts marking
    3. The real P/N could be different from the P/N appears on the chip marking. For example, it can be a SMALLER capacity device, SLOWER device, LOWER temperature device, REDUCED function device, DIFFERENT Manufacturer, or a completely different device.





              Marking Permanency at GreenTree Electronics



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